I have the a dell thunderbolt hub D6000 which is connected to two displays via DisplayPort and the hub is connected into my Macbook pro 15” 2018. I have the latest DisplayLink driver installed (5.0.1). I use my laptop in clam shell mode i.e. the lid is closed.

The issue is when I want to disconnect the laptop and use its built in screen when I open the lid the screen remains completely black and nothing seems to fix it until I restart.

Things I have tried:

  • Opening the display settings and finding with them
  • Toggle “Automatic Graphics Switching”
  • Close and open the lid a bunch of times
  • Leave the lid opened for a long time
  • Quitting all of my apps

Anyone else having the same issue?

  • According to the DisplayLink macOS software download page at displaylink.com/downloads/macos, version 5.2.15 (a18c374) was released on 27th June 2019 with a number of fixes related to blank or frozen displays. I recommend downloading this version and giving it at try. – n8felton Aug 26 at 2:25

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