I'm trying to make my home a bit smarter using HomeKit without actually buying HomeKit accessories. Now I'm using python and the pyhap libary and it is working so far.

I can control my Raspberry Pi using Apple HomeKit and the Home app. But there's one thing I consider a big disadvantage of HomeKit: it cannot be controlled from outside the Network without an iPad, HomePod or Apple TV working as a home hub.

Question: Can I somehow turn my Raspberry Pi into a home hub so I can control my lights etc from outside my home?

  • Homekit requires Apple hardware. But there are alternatives look at Homebridge although that still needs a Apple machine to act as controller and IFTTT – Mark Aug 5 at 9:57
  • Homekit works for me. I have build my own accessories using python and they are working. The only thing that isn’t working is remote control from outside the home because you need an homehub for this. And my Question was if i could use my raspberry as such an homehub. – Julius Waldmann Aug 5 at 10:01

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