I work form home, and whenever I say something, the HomePod will just say random things unprovoked. Like for example, I'll say Im sorry to a customer, and the HomePod will say something along the lines of "No need to worry" And then it just said, "You want me to call ______, is that correct" This happens consistently but there's never one thing I say that will trigger it. I thought I had to say "Siri" or "Hey Siri" before it responded. Does anyone now how to fix this. I already restored it to factory settings and reconnected it, and the issue still persists. Please help. Thanks

  • Hey, welcome to Apple.SE! I don't use HomePod, can you confirm if there is an option to say "Hey Siri" five times to set voice for any user? Also, it should not respond unless it heard(misheard) something as Hey Siri – ankii Aug 2 '19 at 19:41

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