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I have this pale blue dot above Firefox (I have seen in on other apps also.)

I have only noticed this in Mojave.

What does it mean?

My Dock is in the vertical position.

Pale blue dot

Here is is in the horizontal position:

Pale blue dot, horizontal

More info from Dock:

$ defaults read com.apple.dock.plist | grep "file-label"
                "file-label" = Siri;
                "file-label" = Launchpad;
                "file-label" = Safari;
                "file-label" = Mail;
                "file-label" = Contacts;
                "file-label" = Notes;
                "file-label" = Reminders;
                "file-label" = Maps;
                "file-label" = Photos;
                "file-label" = Messages;
                "file-label" = FaceTime;
                "file-label" = Pages;
                "file-label" = Numbers;
                "file-label" = Keynote;
                "file-label" = News;
                "file-label" = iTunes;
                "file-label" = Books;
                "file-label" = "App Store";
                "file-label" = "System Preferences";
                "file-label" = iTerm;
                "file-label" = Downloads;
                "file-label" = "Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub";
                "file-label" = "Activity Monitor";
                "file-label" = Firefox;

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    Welcome to Ask Different :) Can you position the Dock to the bottom of the screen and share a screenshot with that view too? – Nimesh Neema Aug 2 at 0:56
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    Can you clarify for me if you've ever seen more than one instance of this icon at the same time? – Monomeeth Aug 2 at 1:32
  • @Monomeeth, I don't believe so, but I have only really noticed it today. – tahsmith Aug 2 at 2:00
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    That’s a teeny docker icon in you dock! Impressive – bmike Aug 2 at 2:22

I've seen instances in the past when certain app icons appear incredibly small in the Dock, to the point that clicking on them does nothing. The icon in your screenshot looks very similar to the Twitter icon, so if you're a Twitter user it could be that.

Regardless, I would start with restarting the Dock as a first step. To do this:

  1. Now open Terminal (usually located in Applications > Utilities)
  2. Enter this command killall Dock
  3. Press enter

Once you've done that, use your Mac for long enough to know if this has resolved the issue. If it hasn't, then you can do a reset and restart of your Dock as follows.1

To reset and restart the Dock, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Finder
  2. Press and hold the option key down
  3. Now go to the Go menu
  4. Select the Library option to open the User's Library folder. You can let go of the option key now.
  5. Go to the Preferences folder (i.e. within the Library folder)
  6. Find and move the com.apple.dock.plist file to the Trash
  7. Now open Terminal (usually located in Applications > Utilities)
  8. Enter this command killall Dock
  9. Press enter

Once you've done that, use your Mac for long enough to know if this has resolved the issue.

1. IMPORTANT: After doing this you will need to re-add any non-default icons (i.e. apps) that you've added to the Dock. Before proceeding you may want to take some notes (or a screenshot of your Dock) as a reminder of what you had there previously.

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    @tahsmith can also share the screenshot of the app switcher to help establish this theory. – Nimesh Neema Aug 2 at 1:48
  • I have to disagree by starting with a destructive process! Investigate a bit first by looking at the output of e.g. defaults read com.apple.dock.plist | grep "file-label" and see the names of the apps that are there. See what's listed between Activity Monitor and Firefox. – user3439894 Aug 2 at 1:56
  • @user3439894, Updated my Q with that info. There is nothing between them. – tahsmith Aug 2 at 2:05
  • @NimeshNeema there are no Icons in the app switcher which are not in the Dock – tahsmith Aug 2 at 2:05
  • @tahsmith, If you do just killall Dock in Terminal, is the blue dot still there? – user3439894 Aug 2 at 2:07

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