I have a big problem with my MacBook Pro late 2013 it does not boot or light up in any way.

Current behavior

The only reaction that I get is, when I connect it to the powercord and start with the SMC reset the powerconnector which is lightning up orange changes for a short time to green and goes back to orange. (Mac was connected to the wall for multiple hours but was still cold to the touch)

The device was not exposed to any liquid and was not dropped in any way.

What have i tried?

  • Booting it with different AC adapters and cables
  • SMC Reset (Shift + Option + CTRL + Power for 10 sec and longer)
  • Disconnecting the battery from the logicboard (don't know if it would boot normaly without a connected battery? didn't find any information...)
  • Messured the power input from the MacSafe connector to the connecter on the batteries in the logicboard (8.13V and 11.8V was measured)
  • Disconnecting battery and keyboared and starting it only with the power cable

My guess

Is that the logicboard is in some way broken (didn't see any shorted circutes) or the battery. I am open for any tips or assumptions.

If you need more information just ask, I will update the question.

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