Is it possible to detect a connected USB-C charger cable that is not charging?

I mean a fully functional MacBook and a charger that is connected to a power outlet, where power is disabled. I would like to do it either by some OS (userspace functionality) or information if that would be possible programatically.

I'm using MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018), macOS 10.14.6.

  • The battery indicator in the menu bar shows if the machine is charging or not. Is that what you need? – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Jul 30 at 8:18
  • @ThorbjørnRavnAndersen I'm interesting in deceting it programatically (using either some software designed to watch for it or using OS-level APIs). – syntagma Jul 30 at 8:24
  • What do you want to actually do? – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Jul 30 at 8:26
  • @ThorbjørnRavnAndersen for example show notification that USB-C charging cable is connected but doesn't charge the computer. – syntagma Jul 30 at 8:37
  • I do not know if a cable connected to an unpowerered charger can be detected by the hardware. If not, then no software can help. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Jul 30 at 8:39

In about this Mac, overview -> System Report -> Power, last block displays connected and charging info. Cannot comment on programmatically retrieving.

enter image description here

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