(I am on macOS 10.14.6 and iOS 12.4)

  1. I am certain that I have trusted my Mac before.
  2. Without the latter trust, I can also access the phone in iTunes.

I have tried reset "Location and Privacy" on my phone. Then

  1. When connecting the iPhone with iTunes running, it asks for the trust and I trust it.
  2. Reboot my Mac and the phone asks for another trust.

Is there some known malware mimics system behavior and steal data from an iPhone?

(I do have installed some pir*ted software recently. That's my fault.)

  • try authorising the computer once more in window menu. – ankii Jul 30 at 6:28
  • Running MacOS 10.13.5 and iOS 11.1. Points 1. & 2. identical. Same strange notification on my iPhone. Noticed this for the 1st time on monday 29/092019. – dan Jul 30 at 14:29
  • I am convinced this is just a bug and not any form of crapware since this notification window is just proposing OK or Cancel and is not asking for anything private like an AppleID or a password. – dan Jul 30 at 15:32
  • I suggest you to remove the part about suspicious origin software, since I guess you don't want to provide any more detail on a public platform about this. Otherwise, I suggest you to make another question about this problem and to give some more information about the suspicious software. – dan Jul 30 at 15:34
  • In my case I guess: each time I install an update of MacOS the permission is reset. – GEdgar Aug 1 at 22:33

I used to have this issue in the past before, and for me the cause was faulty lightning cables. Make sure you're using genuine cables from Apple and not third-party ones. This might not be the same solution for you but try it out and I hope it helps!

  • 1
    Same here, except I saw it with a damaged genuine cable. Switched to a different cable and the message went away. – Jawann Aug 16 at 8:31

Yes there are malware which mimic iOS window which origin isn’t clear, but all of these malware are either asking user an account and a password or providing a link to click (which link will connect the user to a booby trapped server).

No you weren’t facing a fake window in this case even if the origin of the window isn’t given. This window doesn’t try to steal you any private information.

This is just a poorly designed confirmation of trust window which should be named iTunes sync or something approaching. This is also probably an old bug when the connecting iPhone and Mac are well known friends.

I found many log entry of my iPhone which are accessible in Settings > Privacy > Analitics. But I still have to find a tool to analyze them.

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