I have tried the rebuild but when I relaunch launchpad still does not show the photo icon. How do I get it back on my MacBook Air

  • Are you referring to the photos.app or something else? – Steve Chambers Jul 28 at 13:30
  • You can press command-space, enter photos.app to open it and then right-click the icon in the Dock and pin it to have it permanently in the Dock again. – Michael S. Jul 28 at 14:03

The quick way to find any app you might be able to delete is open the App Store app and find the app using search.

  • if the app is deleted, you can reinstall it
  • if the app is just moved, you can open it

Once it’s open, keep it in the dock with a control click or right click. Spotlight can help you find the app in finder if you need to put it back in the Applications folder

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