Problem is fans were sometimes producing loud noises and was recently facing stutter in games after just very short amount of playtime.

I'm trying to fix a cooling problem of my Mid-2012 15" MacBook Pro (Non-Retina). I brought it to a local expert and changed the thermal paste for CPU and GPU and blew compressed air to the two fans. I asked him to oil the fans but he said these fans do not require such treat.

After I brought the machine back, the fans still sometimes produce loud noises and I think fans are working at higher speed than regular mode (generally louder, meaning they are spinning faster than usual.).

So I'm planning to take it to him again but asked him what else he can do to further fix this and he said none.

My question is, is there anything else can be done? Is my GPU damaged for example and how to find out if so.

This is the report from OpenHardwareMonitor app just after like 5 minutes of heavy gaming: link


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