I know that, using the keyboard settings preference pane, you can set "touch bar shows" to "Expanded Control Strip" to remove the per-app buttons. This mirrors the out-of-the-box configuration on non-touchbar models where the physical F-keys would execute special functions (setting brightness, sound levels, etc), and holding down fn would let you use the normal F1 F2 etc keys.

I'd like to set the opposite of this (answered in this question) - where the bar always shows the F-keys, and requires holding down fn to access the special functions.

Is there a way to configure the touchbar in this manner?

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System Preferences → Keyboard → Keyboard → Touch Bar shows ‘F1, F2, etc. Keys’.

Also set ‘Press fn key to Show Control Strip’ to use the Fn key to complete the inverting of the Touch Bar.

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