Last week the Macbook Pro was fully functioning. It froze while being used, the lid was closed and a few minutes later the startup gong was heard. Instead of starting up normally the screen flashed a folder with a question mark. A few chat sessions and one Genius bar appointment later they said that the SSD was full and that may have corrupted something, if I remember the wording correctly it was the file map, and that was preventing the computer from starting up and from mounting in any of the troubleshooting I did.

As there is no backup of the data I needed a solution. The genius said the best next step aside from data recovery from the recommended provider (DriveSavers Inc.) was to get an external sled to see if another computer would be able to mount the drive. An OWC Envoy Pro was purchased and the SSD was inserted. The drive still won’t mount using the OWC Envoy Pro. The OWC shows up in Disk Utility, as the SSD is encrypted using FileVault I am prompted for the password, seemly after a minute or so it unlocks but doesn’t mount and the drive remains greyed out. When I select the subfolder of the OWC enclosure, the SSD, disk utility freezes up and the spinning rainbow wheel comes up. Force Quit has to be used to shut down disk utility. When I contacted OWC customer care after a long discussion they feel that FileVault is the culprit of the problems.

I wanted to keep the post relatively short, so if details on what troubleshooting has been done I can provide those. I am at a loss for what I can do here, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

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