I encountered this issue with Time Machine, so I Googled about alternative solutions, but I can't find one that's suitable for my need. I want the following:

Interface: Both command line and GUI that's similar to Time Machine, with optionally verbose output and/or status.

Speed: At least faster than Time Machine. My Synology NAS is connected through CAT 5e which is 1 Gbps (the hard disk (RAID 5) is faster, about 200 mb/s). Time Machine will only achieve about 3~5 mb/s (maybe because it backup on to a Sparse Bundle), and stop (0 kb/s) for almost half of the time.

Utilization of technology: 1. Listens to fseventsd (which reports which files are modified) for incremental backup, or at least use the fseventsd files (which reports which folders are modified) 2. Utilize hard link (SMB, NFS*), multi-linked directories (HFS+), or cloning (APFS, btrFS) to save space.

*Do they actually support hard link? I know that they support symbolic links.

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