A case in point: I have Bluetooth headphones connected to my MacBook Pro, I close the lid and want to connect headphones to my iPhone. I can't do that because the MBP ↔ headphones connection is still persisted.

How do I configure macOS so that Bluetooth is turned off or Bluetooth connections are disconnected whenever lid is closed?

I'm using macOS Mojave 10.14.5.


You could install blueutil and SleepWatcher via homebrew and set a .sleep code to do "/usr/local/bin/blueutil -p 0" when going to sleep mode.

To use SleepWatcher, make a shell script in your home directory named .sleep and give it permission with the chmod command.

You also can do a .wake code to turn bluetooth back on with blueutil -p 1

You can find out how to use sleepwatcher here

  • No need to use AppleScript, you can use Bash commands directly in the .sleep/.wake files. – syntagma Jul 24 at 6:05
  • Good catch, just edited my answer ! – Edd Growl Jul 25 at 13:12

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