I did 60m of yoga yesterday and didn’t realize until the end that I had accidentally specified Indoor Cycle as the activity type. Looking for a place to edit this in the Activity app on my phone and can’t seem to locate this option. Any suggestions?


Go to Today tab in the Activity tab and swipe to get to yesterday. You should see the activity and its duration in a big box. Tap it, and scroll to find Show all Data. You can delete the particular entry there.

Adding is similar, go to some day you did yoga on, Tap on the said big box and find red + at the top right.

  • Sorry, I'm not at all following this. What I want to do is edit, not add or delete. Is there a way to do this? – AJ. Jul 22 at 16:30
  • @AJ. You can take a screenshot for all the details like time began, time end etc., under Cycling and fill the same in the Yoga. I don't know of editing it. – ankiiiiiii Jul 22 at 16:46

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