I turned on font smoothing in VSCode using the following commands:

defaults write com.microsoft.VSCode CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled 0
defaults write com.microsoft.VSCode.helper CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled 0
defaults write com.microsoft.VSCode.helper.EH CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled 0
defaults write com.microsoft.VSCode.helper.NP CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled 0

This was taken from Reddit.

But how do I revert it back? I tried doing defaults com.microsoft.VSCode delete -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled but didn't work.


For each defaults write x y z run defaults delete x y,
where x is the domain, y is the key and z is the value.

For example, to delete the first key that was set, run

defaults delete com.microsoft.VSCode CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled
  • Omit the value (e.g. 0) when deleting a key since the key is deleted regardless of value.
  • -g is a reference to the global domain; if you didn't write the key to the global domain then don't include -g when deleting.
  • The delete or write verb needs to go before other options like the domain, not after.

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