We already use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) for Admin > User connections for admin / tech support sessions. In this instance we DO NOT require the User to confirm acceptance for the ARD session.

We also want to use it for User > User connections for collaborations / meetings. In this instance we DO require the User to confirm acceptance for the ARD session.

Is it possible to set ARD on the receiving computer to require the local user to authenticate / accept the connection ?

  • I had a poke at this after your earlier question. It does seem [though I'm open to correction] that "Screen Sharing" & ARD are almost mutually exclusive. Once you set Remote Management, the peer-to-peer aspect seems to be lost. I'm guessing a bit because I don't want to have to break down my ARD structure to investigate fully. – Tetsujin Jul 20 at 14:31
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    @Tetsujin You are correct - there is no “both” here - just automating a change to the settings with kickstart to alter the behavior just in time for the non-prompted control event. – bmike Jul 20 at 14:36

We set the user default on all machines and then automate changing it right before an IT / Admin connection needs to be made and then reset the default after the support engagement.

The command you need to craft is two versions of kickstart and then your admin can send the less restrictive command over ssh/ARD, then screen connect, then rest the default after using ssh/ARD remote command.

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