I have mac mini bought in 2018. Since yesterday it gives a kernel panic. My mac mini restarts then and gives a log with an error message. This happens when my mac mini is in sleeping mode. I use two screens.

The first line of the log says:

"caused_by":"macos","macos_version":"Mac OS X 10.14.5 (18F132)","os_version":"Bridge OS 3.5 (16P5125)","macos_system_state":"running","incident_id":"A4A25660-B26A-458E-8E54-D32028B9FB27","timestamp":"2019-07-19 14:59:01.92 +0000","bug_type":"210"

What can this be? Scanning the disk gave no errors. Also Apple Diagnostics gave no errors.

I can post the whole log if needed.


  • Oh hi Mark! Welcome to Apple.SE! Have you tried Apple Support article on Kernel Panic? Apple Support and Technical Note – ankiiiiiii Jul 19 at 15:38
  • Will look to the suggested links. Thanks – Mark Jul 19 at 15:53

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