I saw this discussion and updates on StackExchange on making macOS USB on Windows. I'm unable to comment there, so I'm posting a new question. I have been trying everything from that page, but as of now the method with TransMac is the only one working, because I have the DMG file for High Sierra.

Now that the High Sierra is old, I want to know whether there is any way make or download bootable DMG file for newer versions like Mojave or macOS Catalina? I did a Google search and found a solution, on Google, but the result is not positive. Is there a reliable alternative?

  • You can either use Internet Recovery from the Mac in question, or Install High Sierra then update it, once you're signed into iCloud. You can make the USB key on Windows but you cannot access any other macOS version to download from Windows. – Tetsujin Jul 17 at 16:11

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