What happened to iTunes File Sharing in macOS Catalina?

Is file sharing to iPhone completely gone?

  • Did you try accessing it in Finder? – Nimesh Neema Jul 17 at 13:55
  • i'm not sure how you would access in finder? it's usually sandboxed based on each ios app that supports it... does ifinder now list the apps on an iphone? – ina Jul 30 at 9:51
  • When I wrote that I was referring to this: youtu.be/psL_5RIBqnY?t=6371 , but carefully going through the video again, it makes me wonder if Apple zapped iTunes File Sharing feature? – Nimesh Neema Jul 30 at 9:57

It’s in Files as of today. Just tested exporting a zip file from lumafusion for iTunes file sharing and when I go to Finder on my Mac, click on iPad, then files option, then lumafusion app...I can see the zip file. But I was only able to delete it. I could not copy it to my machine, might be a bug in the current beta. I have iPadOS and Mac OS Catalina most up to date public betas on these devices as of today.

Photo below of this process on my Mac: enter image description here

  • Can you please explain what you mean with "Finder for my iPad"? – nohillside Aug 4 at 17:25
  • Sorry for the confusion. I added a photo. Meant Finder on my Mac then click on iPad (HackerPad name for me) – Shervin Aug 7 at 4:57

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