All my reminders and reminder lists disappeared within the last couple of days on MacOS 10.10.5.

If I open Reminders.app for long enough it displays "xxx completed" where xxx looks to be at least in the billions. Initially the "xxx completed" line is not present.

Reminders MacOS 10.10.5

The reminders and lists are all still there on iOS 12.

Reminders iOS 12

I haven't changed any configuration or sync options lately.


Can I restore the reminders & reminder lists to MacOS?



The missing reminders are back. I haven't changed any system settings or performed any action relating to reminders that ought to have affected them imo. I haven't even logged out my user.

I can close this off if moderators feel that is what's appropriate. Still, I'd really, really like to know how to restore the reminders if they go missing again.

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