About 2 days ago, my iPhone 6 decided to stop working.

I tried to see what the error was but it decided not to respond to a charger, it would not respond to a hard reset or even when I tried to connect to iTunes.

I took it into a repair store, and they said when they tried several different things, like replacing battery, LCD, and even screen, it would not turn on.

I am getting a bit worried as there were a lot of important things that I had on that phone that cannot be recovered as they are specific to that phone and cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Please let me know any tips and anything I can do to try and make it work again.


I would get a quote and send the device in to a microsoldering capable repair shop. These are highly specialized and not the typical, fix broken screen type shops.

They can and will fix liquid damage / no power on situations as well as make the system healthy enough in a lab setting to get you your data back and not spend even more money fixing it to run permanently.

No power / data recovery are generally less than $250 for non-liquid damaged phones and maybe double that if there is liquid damage / corrosion to be remediated.

You’ll possibly pay more than going to shops like you visited, but the more capable shops have much more expensive tools and skills and can recover data that’s far too gone for a place that specializes on the easy repairs. These sort of shops are generally less expensive than full blown data recovery shops, but you might get a couple quotes before sending it off - just be sure what diagnostic fee you owe and when you are charged if they do or don’t get your data back.


I've had good luck storing the phone in a bag of rice for a few days. I've also sped up the process by putting it in the oven on 150 degrees for a bit. (Think leaving the phone on the dash of your car for a few hours.) I wouldn't go above 150 for fear of melting the solder joints though.

  • You take out the battery before doing any of this, correct? And probably then replace the liquid damaged battery when you’re done testing. – bmike Jul 16 '19 at 9:39
  • No I did it as is. But mine was not terribly wet. Like I said it's like leaving your phone out in the sun in your car on a hot day. But also like I suggested don't go nuts. – Thomas Nelson Jul 16 '19 at 23:47

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