I use Amazon Alexa Auto, which needs Bluetooth to connect to my car. It works beautifully, except that as soon as I plug in the iPhone charging cable, the Bluetooth disconnects (and therefore the Alexa Auto doesn’t work. I definitely NEED to plug in the phone because I need my Google Maps (running via CarPlay).

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    Connecting to CarPlay by USB will automatically disconnect the CarPlay's BT connection to the phone. It doesn't need both at once. My guess is that as the phone is 'happy' with this, it doesn't think any other BT connection could be warranted at the same time. – Tetsujin Jul 15 at 9:34
  • Yeah, That seems to be the case. Although Amazon specifically states that my car (GMC Acadia) would not need to use an audio cable, the Alexa Auto came with one and I wonder if that would change the scenario. The audio cable goes from the iPhones headphone jack to the audio input jack in the car… Which seems like it would take away the need for Bluetooth. I will try that this evening – MS777 Jul 15 at 11:14

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