I am trying to import a Voice Memo recorded on my iPhone to the Mac, so that it is added to the Voice Memo App. Is there a way to do this without enabling iCloud sync and without using iTunes? I do not want all of my memos synced as I don't have enough cloud space, but would rather manually add them to the Mac Voice Memo App.

I can of course share the file via AirDrop but then I can't seem to find a way to open them in the Voice Memo app.

  • Since Voice memos was extended to Mac, it is oriented towards syncing them with iOS devices rather than doing heavy edits(that a desktop allows). I also find no option to import other than iCloud. Better look into some apps on App Store for the same. You can also Drag and drop audio files into notes app and keep them arranged. – ankii Jul 14 at 19:49

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