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I'm running MacOS Mojave.

For months, I have the following file in my bin which I'm unable to remove:

~/.Trash/Recovered files #1/(A Document Being Saved By Quick Look Helper)/thumbnails.fraghandler

Stuff I've tried:

sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/Recovered\ files\ \#1/(operation not permitted)

chflags uchg thumbnails.fraghandler(operation not permitted)

chmod the directory (operation not permitted)

I can move the file to another folder (e.g. Desktop), but unable to remove it from there as well.

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  • Please edit your question to include the version of macOS. Saying "the latest macOS" isn't helpful because different Macs can run different versions at different times. – fsb Jul 13 at 14:08
  • @Faun88, See my answer in the linked possible duplicate and adjust the path and file name as appropriate. – user3439894 Jul 13 at 22:31

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