i received a message with my Apple Mail that was obviously too "heavy" for my hardware (no malware just too many nested and forwarded mails inside one message - bad luck in a way)

And now Apple Mail freezes each time I start or restart it (after rebooting the complete machine, or/and the program) and shows me the folder "trash" where this particular message that occured the freezing is into.

Is there any chance that I can (re)set the default folder that is shown when opeining mail to inbox e.g. instead of the last folder open ?

How would I do that without putting all settings to blank?

Thanks for your help!

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  • Are there any big attachments with it? Also, you can go to /Users/you/Library/Mail/V6 to temporarily delete the mail – ankiiiiiii Jul 12 at 13:42
  • Yeah. Someone attached a message with it. Does that help? – Daiaiai Jul 12 at 13:44

You could perhaps try deleting the saved state files, then on next launch it would return to a default view.
The advantage is that no other settings would be changed - nothing lost.

~/Library/Saved Application State/com.apple.mail.savedState

Because it's an alias, don't delete the folder itself, just the contents.

That would potentially allow you to empty the Trash folder without having to first open it.

  1. Do you use IMAP or Exchange? If so, try deleting the giant message in your Webmail service. Make sure to flush your trash afterwards. Final step, restart Mail.
  2. Try disconnecting from your Wifi and Ethernet connections. At some point Mail might show a timeout message. Are you able to delete the giant message in Mail?

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