I am using Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac, running Ubuntu in the VM, with Parallels special software installed within Ubuntu.

Out of security concerns, I always turn on the Configuration setting on Security panel for Isolate Linux from Mac. Unfortunately, I would sometimes like to transfer some text between the host Mac and the guest VM.

Is there a way to allow only the clipboard to be exchanged with the Mac and VM but otherwise isolate it (no shared files, etc.)?

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Clipboard sharing should not be affected by the "Isolate..." selection. Check Options > More Options in the VM configuration to confirm "Share Mac clipboard" is enabled.

That being said if you want to disable the "Isolate..." option, the individual sharing settings are distributed in several locations. Shut down the VM first as deselecting the "Isolate..." option immediately re-enables the sharing features while VM is running.

Here are various sharing configuration locations that I am aware of, but I suggest looking through all the sections to be sure I haven't omitted some.

Options > Sharing

Options > Applications

Options > More Options

Hardware > Printers

Hardware > Sound & Camera

Hardware > USB & Bluetooth

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