Here's my issue: I can use the 'w' key; I can use the left Shift key with any letter to create a capital letter (except 'w'); I can type a capital W with the right shift key. I can use the left Shift key for everything except a capital W. Any clues? I am using an iMac with the Magic Keyboard.

  • Have you set shift-w as a keyboard shortcut for some command? – jmh Jul 11 at 17:43
  • When you say 'absolutely nothing' do you mean precisely that? You don't even get a lower-case w? – Tetsujin Jul 11 at 17:49
  • Best bet: snag a USB keyboard from ANY computer (PC, Mac, anything) and plug it in. If it works fine it's your magic keyboard losing its magic. – Steve Chambers Jul 11 at 18:00
  • @jmh, Natively, macOS does not allow Shift-Letter to be assigned as a keyboard shortcut, although a third-party app may allow it. That said, the fact that Right_Shift-W works and Left_Shift-W does not, it's doubtful that Shift-W was assigned a keyboard shortcut. It would require a third-party app that sets Left_Shift-W (if possible) as the keyboard shortcut. – user3439894 Jul 11 at 18:13
  • 1
    jmh - I have not (double checked); Tetsujin - that's exactly what I mean! No lower-case w, no weird actions, nothing - BUT, I can use theleft shift key with, say - r - and get this capital R. Steve - good idea. I'll dig my old one out & try that; user3439894 - I see what you're saying, but this just started & I've added/altered nothing any time recently. Thanks, all! I'm gonna try the other keyboard next. – Anne Jul 11 at 18:28

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