I recently bought an external hard-drive, Western Digital 4GB, and I have a MacBook-pro 2015 (15inch).

When I received the hard-drive, it worked like a dream, I just re-formatted it to apple's file system (non-encrypted). One time the USB cable got accidentally knocked out the left side, and then from then on, if I plugged the hard-drive in the left USB, it wouldn't show up. So I started using the right side USB, no problem. And then a week later, the same thing happened, accidentally knocked the cable out, and from then on, it wouldn't show up.

I have an external USB hub (USB powered), and now that is the only way I can use the external drive, (most of the time), it usually appears with a 1/5 chance, but once appeared, it is stable. This is not due to the USB hub, as I have two other 4TB hard-drives in a 5 bay 3.5" enclosure.

How can I remedy this problem? The drive does not show up in the Disk Utility program, nor does it show up under USB in the System Information program, nor does it show up with $ diskutil list, nor does in show up in /Volumes. I thought it might be a cache problem, maybe Mac does some caching of hard-drives used, etc.., so I removed the cache's from /Library and /System.

I'm a programmer, so any command-line solutions are very welcome.

  • It's possible that knocking out the USB plugs has damaged the sockets within the MacBook, and/or, perhaps, the USB plug itself. Try your external drive with another USB cable in another computer, and see whether the drive shows up as it should. – David Jul 11 at 2:03
  • Possible, but I believe unlikely as all other USB devices function with no problem, using my colleagues MacBook-pro (same spec except for CPU and RAM), the right USB didn't work, but the left did. The USB cable supplied has a proprietary connector, so I will have to order a new cable to assert whether this is the problem... – jupiar Jul 11 at 3:20

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