I have a 2018 Macbook Pro (touchbar, 4 USB-C ports). I have 4 separate desks I work at, each one with a CalDigit TS3 Plus hub and two external monitors. Each hub and its pair of monitors are configured exactly the same. That is, each left monitor and right monitor match exactly, and uses a dual HDMI to USB-C cable going into the hub, with one outgoing USB-C cable going into the Macbook for power, display and other USB accessories connected to the hub. With this configuration, I am able to change desks without a problem, as long as I connect the USB-C cable into the same Macbook port each time.

However, if I ever connect the cable to a different Macbook port or would happen to change the monitor configuration at one of my desks, then often one or both of the monitors will not connect to the Macbook. Sometimes, reseting the CalDigit works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes, changing the Macbook port a second time works, sometimes not. Usually, rebooting the Macbook works.

Is there a simpler way to getting this to work without rebooting?

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