Ideally I would like some kind of software that monitors the connection and could tell me what software might be cutting it off if such software even exists.

I'm 99% sure that this is not a problem with the Wifi or the router as neither my iPad nor phone are having any problems. Just my macbook pro (2015 Mojave if it matters).

Further info:

I'll be using the computer and it will be fine for days at a time and then all of a sudden the internet will just drop. Nothing works in the browser, no email, no spotify, no slack, no nothing that requires internet...then it comes back for 5 minutes if I'm lucky, then it just drops again, rinse and repeat. This will last for a few hours or so and then return to normal for a few days.

I am a web developer and I recently have been developing with something called Roots by Sage: https://roots.io/sage/

Basically when you develop with this you run something in the terminal that monitors the files you are working on and refreshes the browser whenever you make changes so you can see the changes as you work.

I have noticed that when I run this command in the terminal is when it seems to kill the internet but I cannot be sure of this.

Quitting this process in the terminal doesnt restore it and it just behaves the same although running the process in the terminal is what seems to start it.

I have asked this question in their forums as well but I can't find anything else even remotely similar to this so I think it could just be a coincidence.

Any help for what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I have looked into is doing the whole wireless diagnostics in the mac which is mostly useless although it does mention something about country code. The first time this happened I ran the diagnostics and it thought I was in Germany (country code DE) when Im in england. this time round though it seems to have corrected itself but one of the routers near me is configured to DE. Could this be happening because someone elses router is incorrectly configured?

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