Initially I had 5 keyboards

English Spanish Emoji Japanese (Ten Key) Japanese (Romaji)

I added a couple words to my User Dictionary. Later I realized that I do not use the two Japanese ones very much, so I removed them. After doing that, the "Edit User Dictionary..." option completely disappeared from my Keyboard Settings menu. When I put Japanese (Romaji) back on, the option reappears.

I tried deleting the few words I had entered and removing the unwanted keyboard again, still the option does not appear. I am thinking the dictionary database may have been built to correspond only with the keyboards I had when I initially edited the dictionary, and now it won't rebuild or something.

Anyone else seen this?


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Womp womp...that was easy. Maybe next time, I'll read my search results BEFORE hitting submit on SE sites. Well here is the answer. Hope this helps someone. Apparently, "Edit User Dictionary" is only enabled for certain languages...with English not being one? ::shrugs:: whatever.

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