According to the article Apple Confirms Dashboard is Going Away After 14 Years, dashboard has been removed within macOS 10.15, Catalina. I had some Stickies with information stored in dashboard and I would like to recover it if possible.


There are currently a couple known methods to recover stickies (or anything else that was on the dashboard).

  1. Stickies from the dashboard have automatically been imported into the Stickies application. Simply open /Applications/Stickies.app and they will appear there.

  2. All widget save data/preferences are still in the original place. This means that as per https://superuser.com/a/608039, the plist for the dashboard stickies are in ~/Library/Preferences/widget-com.apple.widget.stickies.plist.

  3. The most obvious: before updating to Catalina copy over your stickies to different place such as text edit or the stickies app.

Note: In this file they are stored within html tags that are in HTML Entity form. You can use a converter and then strip tags.

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