I have downloaded and saved macOS Mojave installation file from the Mac App Store into my external hard drive. Unfortunately, macOS has crashed on my Mac and now I need to install it again. I have used a software named TransMac to make a installation USB in windows following the steps in the link below:

I used this link

But the provided USB drive after all these steps doesn't show up in my MacBook pro. Considering that I have saved Install macOS Mojave.app on my external hard drive, and I don't have access to any other Mac computers, How can I fix this issue and build a USB for installing Mojave?

  • I assume you know to hold down the option key immediately after starting the Mac. Hold until the Startup Manger icons appear. – David Anderson Jul 7 at 21:10

It is generally not possible to create a macOS bootable installer using Windows or Linux computer.

You can consider installing macOS via Internet Recovery.

  • I tried that option too, but it sticks in the middle of the process and doesn't work. – Naser.Sadeghi Jul 7 at 19:35
  • @Naser.Sadeghi What is the make and model of Mac that you are using? – Nimesh Neema Jul 7 at 19:36
  • MacBook Pro 2016 – Naser.Sadeghi Jul 7 at 19:37
  • @Naser.Sadeghi How long does it remain stuck? Any error messages that you are getting? – Nimesh Neema Jul 7 at 19:38
  • It simply says an error occur while trying to recover .... – Naser.Sadeghi Jul 7 at 19:40

One option would be to create a virtual machine on the pc that runs mac OS then create the bootable flash drive there.

You should be able to create the vm using the .app file (as long as it is the full .app, should be over 5gb) and some free downloads ie. Vmware, vmware unlocker....

How I might go about doing it: (it's been a while though so Google is your friend.) Get vmware player Get vmware unlocker Get something to convert the .dmg inside the .app folder into a .iso Install macos on vmware Use that to create a usb installer.


Yes it is possible just use the methods that are described in the link which you have attached. For me it worked fine as long as the USB key is formatted acordingly. Don't exit the write session of the TransMac app as it takes ages. Plug in the USB and boot the USB accordingly using the keyboard.

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