I have seen postings talk about a "Purchased" tab in the Mac App Store to see a list of apps you own. Then you can hit a button to install that app on a new Mac you own.

I do not see any "Purchased" tab on my Mac in the App Store when running macOS Mojave.

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➥ How can I get a list of owned apps so that I might install them on a new Mac?

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    Click on your user name. You get the list of purchased items – user151019 Jul 7 at 0:37
  • @Mark Thanks, that worked. I made an Answer of that, with a screenshot. – Basil Bourque Jul 7 at 1:05
  • Dear down-voter, please leave a criticism along with your vote. Educate me as to how this Question fails to guidelines of this site. – Basil Bourque Jul 9 at 6:06

Click your username in corner

Notice your user account name in the lower left corner. Click that to change the listing to your purchased items.

From there, click the cloud-with-down-arrow icon to install an owned app to your Mac.

screenshot of the Mac App Store app after having clicked the user account name in lower left corner.

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