I'm currently abroad and my carrier is charging absurd fees for data plan. I decided to turn off completely cellular data and rely only on WiFi but my iPhone is still using few KBs of data every day.

I have reset the usage statistic last night and found out iPhone is using my cellular data for "DNS service" under "System services". How do I prevent this from happening?

enter image description here

My carrier is charging 5 EUR, EVERY DAY because of this!!! It happened already 4 days in a row.

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    You ought to simply be able to switch off "roaming". Did that not work? I did that for years before the EU freed up data charges within the EU zone. Never paid a penny. [I still got stung for phone calls & texts, but no 'data' at all] Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Data Roaming... Off. – Tetsujin Jul 5 at 17:40
  • I did even more disabling cellular data completely? – Gotenks Jul 5 at 17:45
  • Well... you did, but you didn't, obviously. – Tetsujin Jul 5 at 17:46
  • In my data usage statistics it appears under "Current period: 153KB, Roaming: 0 byte" – Gotenks Jul 5 at 17:47
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    OK I have enabled cellular data and disabled roaming, let's see. – Gotenks Jul 5 at 17:50

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