Yesterday while working on my 12" 2017 MacBook I got a warning from system preferences that I couldn't shut down because it wasn't responding.

I force shut down the laptop and it would no longer turn on. After trying to reset the SMC with no success and not finding other resources to solve the issue, I set up an appointment with the Apple store for the next day and went to sleep. When I got up, the laptop just turned on.

Now I'm worried that I just got lucky and will have the problem come back. Besides backing up data, what are other procedures, updates, or other precautionary steps I can take to give me the best chance of preventing this happening again?


enter image description here You will need to answer two prompts.

Run ends with:

enter image description here This picture is from High Sierra. user3439894 has provided additional links.

Should you find a problem, you can boot in recovery mode ( hold down command + r then power on your machine ). Look for Disk Utility under Utilities. Run "repair disk".

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