I need to know if BitDefender scans incoming emails and external drives?

I emailed BitDefender's support after installing the trial but never received a reply.

I currently use Kaspersky Internet Security but would consider switching when my Kaspersky subscription runs, as long as BitDefender can at least scans incoming emails.

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    Given the lack of a reply from BitDefender's technical support, are you still willing to give them your business? – Graham Miln Jun 30 '19 at 11:32
  • Yeah, getting ignored while you are setting up first dates is a great thing to look for as is an over eager wooer - you need to figure out how you’ll be treated once you commit $ – bmike Jun 30 '19 at 16:35

The BitDefender website does claim that the Mac version will remove Windows malware. I can't find anything specifically mentioning email or network drives, but it would be a significant and unlikely oversight.

It's worth pointing out that BitDefender contains (and has contained) security vulnerabilities that can be exploited in itself.


From Bitdefender Total Security User's Guide, Publication date 05/12/2019, on page 74 of bitdefender_ts_2019_userguide_en.pdf:

4.1.1. On-access scanning (real-time protection)

Bitdefender provides real-time protection against a wide range of threats by scanning all accessed files and email messages.

From page 73:

Bitdefender automatically scans any removable media that is connected to the computer to make sure it can be safely accessed. For more information, refer to “Automatic scan of removable media” (p. 86).

From page 86:

4.1.3. Automatic scan of removable media

Bitdefender automatically detects when you connect a removable storage device to your computer and scans it in the background when the Autoscan option is enabled. This is recommended to prevent threats from infecting your computer.

Detected devices fall into one of these categories:

● CDs/DVDs
● Flash drives, such as flash pens and external hard-drives
● mapped (remote) network drives.

Continued on next page:

You can configure automatic scan separately for each category of storage devices. Automatic scan of mapped network drives is off by default.

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