I know that when doing command+tab, to switch to a minimized application, we should keep pressing tab until the application is selected and then release the command but press the key option. But my question is how do we know that the application is minimized and I need to press option key.

I hope my question is clear.

  • In macOS High Sierra, I see no discernible difference in an app's icon in the Application Switcher when any given app has no or only minimized windows. Therefore, when selecting any given app you can choose to also press the option key, or if you pressed command-tab and the selected an app is without a window showing, then press command-tab-`-option, which will take you back to the last app selected and raise a window if it has one minimized. Note that if the app has more than one minimized window, it raises the last one minimized. – user3439894 Jun 30 at 0:37

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