Since yesterday, I can’t get past the login screen because my Mac freezes.

I‘ve tried starting in Recovery mode, and run disk repair but this didn’t solve the problem. Resetting the NVRAM didn’t work either. When starting in safe mode, the Mac freezes after approximately 3 minutes.

I have about 50 GB of free space on my Mac and am running macOS Sierra.

  • It just came to me mind: Maybe it’s the Mac that freezes, not the keyboard and mouse... It’s just that the consequence I see immediately is an unresponsive keyboard. – Narusan Jun 29 at 7:22
  • Have you a way to ping it via network or better ssh/vnc it from an other computer? – Xvolks Jun 29 at 9:13
  • @Xvolks Nope. I‘ve also noticed that ~75% along the start up process, the progress bar disappear, the screen flickers, and then the progress bar reappears, the remaining progress bar fills way faster and then everything freezes. – Narusan Jun 29 at 12:51
  • Have you reset SMC and PRAM ? – Xvolks Jun 29 at 12:52
  • @Xvolks I’ve edited the question, I think the core problem is the start up process. I have reset PRAM and will reset SMC in a minute. – Narusan Jun 29 at 12:56

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