I have created a presentation in Powerpoint 2003 and have opened it in Keynote, however, when I veiw the presentation on the iPad the colors in the graphs have changed as well as the font alignment. Is there a way to fix this so that it looks the same in Powerpoint and Keynote? Is there a different version of Powerpoint that would work better?

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Unfortunately, Keynote and Powerpoint do not talk to each other all that well. A lot of formatting issues have been known to occur.

If you're wanting to view/edit/present the presentation on your iPad, I would suggest using Keynote on your Mac and Keynote on your iPad. If you're wanting to stay as compatible with a Windows environment as possible, I would suggest using QuickOffice HD on the iPad and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.

Hope this helps.

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    Also, Keynote on the iPad does not support the same array of colors, fonts, and styles as the Mac version, so that could be an issue as well. Jan 11, 2012 at 20:49

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