I expect I'll have to power-cycle the machine, but asking if anybody has any suggestions for the next time this happens.

Symptoms are:

  • I can move the mouse around on the screen, but I can't click on anything.
  • Nothing responds to the keyboard.
  • I can close the lid, let it sleep over night, open the lid, and unlock it with my fingerprint.
  • cmd-alt-escape opened the force quit dialog. I can't interact with it or dismiss it now.
  • The control-scroll gesture works just fine. I'm pretty sure the system locked up while zooming in the first place.
  • No other trackpad gestures work.

Clearly what happened was that the zoom feature grabbed the keyboard and mouse while I was zooming and didn't let go.

I've seen symptoms like this before, and usually had to power-cycle the machine.

I guess my question is: is there a way to force whatever app has grabbed the keyboard and mouse to relinquish it?

Edit: problem went away while I was fiddling with the zoom feature. Clearly the zoom feature is where the problem was.

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