At first I didn't think that was such a big problem, because it happened only every now and then, but now it's becoming frustrating, because I missed some important calls because of it. Long story short: Sometimes I simply won't receive a call, instead I get a missed call notification, sometimes even few minutes after I was called. 'Do not disturb' is turned off, so that cannot be a problem. Sometimes I don't receive a call even while using a phone. Has anyone else had such problems before?

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  • Follow up to this thread: I got in touch with my carrier, they asked me to provide details of incoming calls that I didn't receive and apparently nothing was wrong, but the issue is still there. Furthermore I've noticed that most of the times - once even twice on the same day, I didn't receive an incoming call when the caller was using an iPhone. So it might be device's fault after all? – Fruut Aug 17 at 13:37

It's probably worth rebooting the phone, just in case, & checking your carrier settings are up to date [Settings > General > About] but ultimately I'd speak to your carrier.

I had a similar issue last year which was resolved by getting a new SIM. Apparently, I'd had the old one so long I was several firmware generations behind & the new card just fixed it immediately.

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