Im using the newest version of numbers 6.0 and I'm looking for help on duplicating spreadsheets...I'm working on a custom monthly P&L and want to make a new one each month but do not want to lose all my formulas...but after I duplicate my sheet and go to clear the cells it not only clears the data sets it clears the formulas as well. I have read articles regarding creating a automation via utilities and storing under services and wasn't sure this is the most up to date way of handing.

I did however try it and it worked but it also deleted every last cells information not just the ones I selected or the ones with formulas but even all my categories and such.

maybe there is another way? thanks in advance for any answers to this question!

  • When you copy a sheet and go to paste it use "Paste and match style". under the Edit menu item. That will paste and update your formulas. – jmh Jun 26 at 21:25
  • Thanks for your answer, but when I tried do the action they way you have prescribed, it then fills in all the data. I just want the copied sheet to have the formulas with no data present so I can start over entering new data from next month. – Linkin Jun 27 at 13:11

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