Most apps have a menu bar option called 'Window'. I want to be able to open this menu option using a keyboard shortcut. I tried to create a shortcut using System preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts but the shortcut does not do anything.

When opening the Window menu bar option, you can see a list of open windows. If there is a keyboard shortcut that can focus on this list, that is even better. I know I can cycle through opened windows using CMD + ~ so that is not what I want to do

  • I don't think there is one single command. Ctrl/F2 will focus to the Menu bar then W will go to the Window menu... though it may stall if there's another menu beginning with W. Then you need down arrow to pop the menu open & several more to reach the required line. – Tetsujin Jun 28 at 17:55
  • ctrl + F2 or ctrl + fn + F2 does not select the menu bar. I tested whilst chrome app is open. I am using Mac Book Pro Mid 2015 version – Abul Fayes Jun 29 at 18:38
  • system prefs>keyboard>shortcuts?keyboard – Tetsujin Jul 1 at 6:22
  • Ok had to enable that shortcut from system prefs>keyboard>shortcuts?keyboard. Thanks @Tetsujin – Abul Fayes Jul 2 at 21:08

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