I do not want to have the services on iCloud, but instead just local to Mac. Here's what the Automator dialog displays.

enter image description here

How can it be done?

  • What's stopping you from saving it into a local directory? – Nimesh Neema Jun 25 at 18:20
  • what's allowing me to do that .. it is annotated as iCloud – javadba Jun 25 at 18:24

Deselect Automator In iCloud System Preferences

enter image description here enter image description here


Simply click on any of the folder under Recent Places. You can also native to a local directory of your choosing. If you select a local directory, the service won't be saved in iCloud storage.

You need not turn disable iCloud for Automator for saving the service locally.

  • ok but i never want iCloud for Automator and have thus accepted the other answer. but i'll upvote as potentially useful for someone else. – javadba Jun 25 at 18:29

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