I have an Apple TV HD (2015) connected to a Panasonic 4K TV with edge lit local dimming and without any HDR features or support.

I have recently noticed that the image on the Apple TV looks pretty washed out. This is particularly noticeable on dark/black portions of the screen which look grey. The issue is very pronounced when I open the TV's settings menu which has a black background which thanks to the LED dimming looks near completely black.

I was wondering if there were any known issues? I've had a look at the settings on the Apple TV and nothing really stands out at me. I've also tried setting the TV settings to make the brightness and backlight as dark as they go and it's still very bright and grey.

Unfortunately, there is also apparently an issue with wash-out on the 4K HDR Apple TV when using the HDR but that's not really applicable to my older model, and all google searches just seem to bring up posts/articles about that issue and not mine. Hence, I am resorting to asking here.

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