I have an iPhone which is at the activation lock screen.

Using web browser on a computer, I logged in with my Apple ID into this page: https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage . I can see this iPhone listed as a device on the webpage. The IMEI displayed on the webpage matches the IMEI displayed on the iPhone.

The Apple ID I used to sign in with the computer is correctEmail@gmail.com.

However, on the iPhone's activation lock screen, it states that my phone is linked to another Apple ID: anotherApple@icloud.com.

I am stuck as I cannot recall how to login with anotherApple@icloud.com?

Is it possible to use the computer to somehow remove the activation lock on that iPhone? Since I can login to Apple ID with correctEmail@gmail.com, would removing that device from account using the web browser remove the activation lock on the phone?

  • Welcome to Ask Different :) Which web site did you log into using web browser? – Nimesh Neema Jun 23 at 10:54
  • @NimeshNeema, I am able to see my iphone listed at this page: appleid.apple.com/account/manage – JC6T Jun 23 at 12:10
  • Can you locate anotherApple@icloud.com under Account section? Also, try logging into appleid.apple.com using anotherApple@icloud.com and the password you used with correctEmail@gmail.com. – Nimesh Neema Jun 23 at 12:11
  • Did you try to recover the login details for anotherApple@icloud.com via iforgot.apple.com? – nohillside Jun 23 at 12:12

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