My passwords on my iCloud Keychain on my MacBook and iPhone are out of sync. There are several new passwords on each device that aren't present on the other. Following a Google search, I logged out of iCloud on my laptop and logged in again but that didn't work.

Is there any way I can force a sync?


This is how you can force an iCloud keychain sync as per Apple Support document, Get help with iCloud Keychain

If you want to sync iCloud Keychain with other devices

Make sure that your new device has the latest version of iOS and the latest version of macOS. Then, make sure that your device is on a Wi-Fi or cellular network. If the connection appears strong, try these steps:

  1. Turn off iCloud Keychain on all devices.

  2. Turn on iCloud Keychain on the device that has the most up-to-date keychain items.

  3. Turn on iCloud Keychain on your other devices. They will be updated with your new iCloud Keychain.

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