I have two iPhones: one is a personal iPhone and one is a work iPhone.

I would like the work iPhone to be able to make both outgoing and receive incoming calls, iMessages, and SMS messages from the personal iPhone. Simply put,

I want the personal iPhone to be sitting at home (and turned on) and not really in use, while the work iPhone can handle everything the personal iPhone can do, while the work iPhone functions normally under a separate number.

Why not use eSim on the work iPhone?

Not able to because it’s a corporate phone.

Let me try to break this down into separate parts:

Incoming calls

We should be able to just enable call forwarding on the personal iPhone to forward all calls to the work iPhone.

Incoming and Outgoing iMessages

If both work and personal iPhone share the same Apple ID, then the work iPhone can receive all personal iPhone messages. iMessages can also be sent from the number / Apple ID that the message was originally sent to, so I’m not concerned about that.

Incoming and Outgoing SMS / MMS

Since the introduction of Continuity (and cellular continuity), text messages can also be forwarded to another Apple device, and that same Apple device can send new messages from that number.

enter image description here

Outgoing calls

Now, this should work by enabling Wi-Fi calling on the personal device, and then adding Wi-Fi calling for other devices. Again, my doubt is whether that other device can include a second iPhone on that same Apple ID.

Actual question

So, my question is: When Apple uses the phrases “you can forward texts to another Apple device”, and “Add WiFi-calling for other device”, does that other device also include another iPhone, especially an iPhone with active service already?

In other words, how do your cellular services work when you have two different numbers under the same Apple ID?

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