The other night I plugged my iPad mini 4 into my regular charging plug (that I've used consistently for 2 years and worked great) and it wouldn't charge. I went to other iPad/iPhone chargers I have in the house and nothing worked.

I then plugged it into my MacBook Pro via USB port and it works and I can charge. Other info, I updated the iPad to iOS 12.3.1 right before this all happened. Another data point is that I plugged the iPad into my portable battery block in both the 1 Amp and 2.4 Amp plugs and it charged only with the 1 Amp plug, the 2.1 Amp plug didn't charge.

Also, I have read through the standard "my iPad won't charge" troubleshooting tips and have rebooted several times, I cleaned the port with a toothpick and canned air and have used only Apple cables and my original iPad wall charger.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this suddenly stopped charging via the wall?

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